Villeneuve Loubet

Villeneuve Loubet is the greenest of the sea front resorts. It has 4 km of sea front for those who enjoy swimming and water sports, a harbour at the foot of Marina Baie des Anges, 4 amazing and fascinating buildings that look like waves with 1300 flats that have been listed patrimony of the XXth century in 2000.
Villeneuve Loubet is a very joyful sea resort. There are many parks behind the sea front and the old village is located by the Loup river.
The Vaugrenier park (100 hectares) is full of mediterranean species (animals and plants) but also species from all over the world such as the Californian sequoia. It has a lake with an exceptional biotope and an ornithological observatory.
On week ends, families from all over the area come to make the most of this lovely place, have a picnic, run, cycle or just relax.
The old village of Villeneuve Loubet is absolutely charming with its narrow and steep streets and its coloured façades.
At the top of the village, go and visit the church with its square steeple built in the XVth century by the Lascaris family and the surprising castle surrounded by its high walls (the marquis of Panisse-Panis has recently decided to let people visit his residence). Built by Romée at the XIIIth century, the castle is composed of 4 buildings built around a trapezoidal courtyard. The dungeon (IXth century) is surrounded by 2 sets of battlements with loopholes. The Panisse-Passis family inherited this castle in 1741. It is surrounded by a 10 hectares park composed of mediterranean and exotic species..