How to book your stay at the Best Western Syracuse Hotel ?

Number of people

Choose the number of people willing to stay (one or two maximum) and the number of people who are booking a cure (3 possibilities : 1 person alone having a cure, 1 person having a cure + a accompanying person, 2 persons booking a cure))

Type of cure

Choose the type of cure. If you wish to choose different cures, book for one person cure + one accompanying person (you will then add the second cure).

  Arrival date

Choose your arrival date in the table, confirm the arrival date then confirm the departure date. Your stay will appear directly in your cart.

If you wish to add other treatments to the ones included in the package selected, click on the treatments you want to add to put them in your cart (additional treatments like Cellu m6, lunches – the restaurant is opened Monday to Saturday- breakfasts at the hôtel, access to the swimming pool and the sauna for a person accompanying you, linen – bathrobe, towel and sandals for EUR 5 per day)…

A recap of what you have purchased is constantly available in your cart (on the right at the top of the pages). Thalassoleil guarantees you will always get the best available prices.

If you have any queries (to check availabilities, book a seaview room or a bungalow on the beach or any other questions before your booking) do not hesitate to contact us on (Monday to Saturday from 8.30 AM to 6 PM) we will be happy to help.


You just need to confirm your order by clicking on « order » : sign up, click on the general term of sales, choose your payment mode an you will then be directed to the Banque Populaire website to finalize the payment.


After confirmation of your booking, you will receive within 48 hours an e-mail with the recap of all the necessary elements for your stay.

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Book for 1 person cure 

1 person cure + 1 accompanying person

Book for 2 persons cure