Thalassoleil offers you a full range of treatments adapted for your well-being,  to circulatory problems, joint and muscles problems, back aches, arthitis, rhumatisms, antistress...



Revitalizing algae body wrap :
Thanks to trace element that constitutes algae, the algae mud body wrap efficiently remineralize your cells. It will promote the elemination of toxins thanks to its diuretic properties and well help you recover your well being and balance. 
Fangotherapy (volcanic muds) :
This treatment will heal joint problems and arthritis thanks to its analgesic and anti inflammatory benefits.
Hydromassage bath with algae or essential oils :
Hydrotherapy with multiple jets that work on your muscles, remineralize you as trace element and mineral salts interact in harmony.
The jet shower  (affusion shower, marine draining) is a deep massage of your muscles that has draining and analgesic properties. It enables the elimination of toxins, slimming of your figure, relaxation of your muscles and all their tensions.
Aquagym :
The most efficient way of toning your body, soothing your joints, improving your blood circulation and managing your stress is to train in our pool heated at 32°C. Your body only weighs 10% of its usual weight so you can train efficiently without making efforts.
Cryotherapy - (Cold wraps of your legs) :
Very efficient for people suffering from venous and circulatory problems : retention of water, varicosities, etc...
Electric remuscling :
This is ideal to remuscle and ton in no time : abdominal muscles, thighs, backside, etc…
Pressotherapy :
This treatment activates your lymphatic and blood circulation. It is recommended for circulatory problems, water rétention, heavy legs… 
You will find all these treatments in the various cures that we have created for you.